Thursday, March 28, 2013



7.6 L whole milk
mesophilic direct set culture
1/2 rennet tablet dissolved in 1/4 cup water
2 Tbsp non-iodized salt

Warm milk to 86°F.  Add culture, mix thoroughly.  Let ripen 1 hour.

Add rennet.  Gently stir into milk.  Topstir.  Let set 30 minutes.

Cut the curd into cubes.  Let set 5 minutes.

Raise temp slowly to 102°F.

Stir gently.  Maintain temp at 102°F 30 minutes, stirring gently.  Let set 5 minutes.

Drain off whey to top of curd.

Add 60°F tap water until curd and whey reaches 80°F.Stir gently while adding water.  Hold at 80°F 15 minutes.

Pour curds into cheesecloth lined collander.  Drain 20 minutes.

Break curd into small pieces.  Add salt.  Mix thoroughly but gently.

Place curds in cheesecloth lined mold.  Press at 20 pounds pressure 20 minutes.

Flip cheese and press at 20 pounds pressure 12 hours.

Remove cheese from mold.  Remove cheesecloth.  Air dry on cheese board several days.
Colby, left, cheddar, right

Wax and store at 50°F 2-3 months.  Turn cheese daily for first several weeks, then weekly until eaten.

Colby Cheese Making
Colby, A real American cheese


  1. This looks amazing! Where do you buy the cheese wax?

    1. I got the kit and the wax from the make your own wine store. She has a few assorted odds and ends like that.