Saturday, March 21, 2015

Home made Vicks (Congestion Rub)

Home made Vicks (Congestion Rub)

¼ C Dried Peppermint Leaves (cooling, pain relieving)
¼ Fresh grated ginger root (breaks up congestion)
½ C Dried Lavender (pain relieving, antiseptic healing, topically healing)
½ C Dried Mullein Leaves (Breaks up congestion)
¾ C Olive Oil
¾ c Coconut oil
2 ounces bees wax

Put the oils in a small crock-pot. Get warm then add the herbs cook on warm for three days turn off at night. On the forth day, drain the oils in a mesh colander or cheese cloth. Put oils in a small pan add the beeswax and cook on low until the wax is melted. Let cool as it is cooling whip it with a whip (I use a electric hand whip) but a hand whip will work when cool and in cream form pour into small jars ( I used old baby food jars ) and label.
To use: Rub on chest , feet ( with socks) or under nose.

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